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How to Pick a Catchy Moving Slogan

In business, everything boils down to sales. But before you can make a sale, you have to bring in potential and interested customers. This is where effective marketing comes in. It involves creating strategies on how to make people notice you and pay attention. It involves effectively conveying what you’re all about and making them interested on what you can offer. One of the most important aspects of marketing that you should know about, is how to create a catchy moving slogan.

A slogan is similar to your company’s battle cry. It serves as a supporting statement to your name and/or logo. In just a few words, it should convey what your business is about, and hook the interest of your target market.

Here are a few things to remember when creating and picking the perfect  slogan:

  1. Make it stick –  It should be memorable. It should be easy to remember and easy to relay/repeat to others. Think of it like a song’s catchy melody or memorable lyrics. One of the tricks to doing this is to keep it short. If your slogan is too long, it would be hard to remember.
  2. Highlight benefits – You can’t rely on just a funny tagline. You should highlight a key benefit from your service. Choose just one and concentrate on that. Give your customers a reason to remember your brand. If you’re the customer, ask yourself “What’s in it for me?”
  3. Be unique – Make your brand stand out. Don’t try to mimic the slogans of others, or else you’ll just disappear in the pack. Your slogan should bring out a specific characteristic that sets you apart from other movers.
  4. Play with words – A great way to make a slogan memorable is to do a creative play on words. You can use words that rhyme. You can practice saying the slogan and feel the rhythm. If you’re playing with the meanings (connotations and denotations) of words, this can also help in making your tagline stick.
  5. Create a positive vibe – Your slogan should bring about warm fuzzy feelings from your clients. Will it bring a smile to their face? Will it make them chuckle or laugh? Slogans that impart positive emotions are the most effective.
  6. Make versions – Don’t go with the first words you come up with. Figure out key points or words and then try to experiments with them. Say the words out loud or maybe hold a survey so people can weigh in on it. Creativity sometimes requires edits and evolutions.

When you’re making your company slogan, just make sure to focus on the good points of your service and think about what you can best offer to your customers. These will always be the basis for a catchy and effective moving slogan.

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img June 30, 2016
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img June 30, 2016
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