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How to Properly Move Furniture with Moving Company and What It Costs

When you make the decision to relocate, you’re not only going to have to move your clothes, shoes, gadgets, books and other personal trinkets. It also involves moving your bigger possessions, the ones that make empty spaces more liveable – your furniture.

Before you estimate the cost to move furniture

costs to move furniture appeared too high for this coupleMoving furniture is a challenging task because obviously, they’re far too big to just be stowed in boxes. They also have to be given extra care because otherwise, they might get damaged during transport. To make things easier for you, you can always hire furniture movers that know the in’s and out’s, but of course, it also pays to know the basics yourself.

Here is a quick guide to what you should know when moving your furniture.

Packing furniture

Before you pack your furniture, you have to analyze each piece in order to determine the best method needed. Most will require several layers of protection, depending on the material and build of the piece. A protective wrap covers fragile surfaces to prevent scratches, paint dents and broken decorations. Protective wraps usually include foam, synthetic papers, cloth and plastic sheets. It has to be made of soft materials that will not damage surfaces such as wood or glass. Aside from the initial protective wrap, there also has to be another layer to protect against shock and vibration. Lastly, you also need a protective shell or hard case that will shield it from the possibility of rough handling.

Also consider where the items are going. If they are only moving across town, you can skip the hard case and opt to strap them safely inside the moving vehicle instead.

Basic handling

Take your time when moving furniture, so you can avoid damaging them. Also, don’t try to be a superhuman. Most pieces need to be handled by more than one person. Once you have sufficient manpower, carefully transport the items one at a time.

You must also remember that furniture should never be dragged along the floor. Doing so is an instant recipe for damage not just for the item but for the floor as well. Always lift with firm steady hands. For wooden surfaces, ditch your cotton gloves. Use your bare hands in order to get a good grip and to avoid slipping from smooth surfaces.

Plan ahead

Ensure you carefully plan ahead of time. You have to know where the item is going next and where it will pass before it gets there. Therefore, make sure to clear a path. Check if the item can fit through the doorway or if there’s anything hanging from the ceiling which can get caught by the lifted furniture. Watch out for curled carpets because they can cause someone to trip. In other words, make space and make way.


How Much Does It Cost to Move Your Furniture

In our country, the final quote you get from the mover largely depends on the size and weight of course. It also depends on whether you are moving locally or interstate. And cost to move a piano is a totally different story!

For a local move, you’ll be charged per hour. You’ll need to pay a fixed price usually that can start with 230 USD and above (depending on the service you get) and then you’ll pay not less than 80 USD per hour and the price may go to 130 USD or more.

For an interstate move, you’ll be charged for the distance too and they don’t charge per hour. We’ve counted that moving furniture to another state or cross-country may cost you 2,500 USD and more. Please, request a quote in the form above to make it more precise!

Should I Move on My Own or Use Moving Companies Service?

The best and usual answer is that it depends. Of course, lifting heavy furniture is not that much fun. Especially, if it’s not your first move and you are not young any more. And you’ve got lots of staff and kids and pets and piano.

But the costs may seem so high…

Hard to choose. You can request a quote with us to decide then on yourself if the cost is worth it or not. Sometimes, selling all your furniture can seem to be a better solution. You’ll need to make some counting, probably. And we are going to help you!

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