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Interstate Moving Companies: Quotes, Ratings and Tips

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Your interstate move can turn out to be the most challenging and exciting experience in your life. What can really make all the difference is the moving company that will be helping you relocate. is an online moving quotes service dedicated to bringing the best interstate moving companies to your fingertips. We feature professional companies that can organize your cross-state move. All of them are hand-picked and carefully reviewed by our team. We check each company for compliance and insurance and provide recommendations based on the number of its trucks, personnel and customer ratings.

We know full well how daunting the moving process can be. In fact, unprofessional movers can make things go from bad to worse and inflate your relocation costs. That’s where TMQ goes to work – to help you find committed and professional interstate movers that will get you to your new home safely.

How to Find Good Interstate Movers in the US

Thousands of people relocate each month and there is no shortage of interstate moving companies. And yet choosing the very one can be harder than it seems. While moving, you’re going to have a myriad of questions and there’s no certainty that the mover is going to handle them professionally.

The moving industry is ripe with scam so here are a few words of advice that will come in handy.  First, avoid brokers. They are not movers and act as mediators helping you find the actual moving company for your interstate relocation. You can completely bypass brokers and check out the insurance and license of the moving company on your own.

Another red flag to watch for is low costs. Interstate move can’t be cheap because, essentially, this is long distance moving. Full range of high-quality services will cost you something but will get your belongings to the new place in one piece.

Top 3 Interstate Moving Companies in the USA

trucks on a highwaySo what are some of the best interstate movers in the US? Which company should you entrust with your lifelong possessions? We hand-picked three excellent companies that enjoy credible reputation and high customer loyalty. Of course, each relocation is a unique experience which may turn to be good or bad but there’s a high chance you’ll be happy with our picks.

These companies are established businesses with the in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs and challenges. If there’s a company capable of arranging a hassle-free cross-state relocation, these are the ones to consider.

United Van Lines


Since 1928, United Van Lines have evolved into the nationwide interstate moving service. The company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, and employs 500+ staff to power its high-quality moving services.

United Van Lines markets itself as America’s #1 moving company and for a good reason.

Reason #1. Full range of services

United Van Lines has a standard product offering coupled with a few additions:

  • long-distance moving;
  • government and military;
  • full service packages;
  • residential moving;
  • auto transport;
  • real estate services;
  • corporate moving;
  • storage;
  • special offers;
  • international relocation;
  • warehousing and transportation, etc.

One of the most prominent benefits of signing up with United Van Lines is their support with technology installation. A wealth of customers were very happy to get practical help with their favorite devices such as home theaters in the course of moving.

Additionally, United delivers great international relocation services and can even help you with visa, immigration and property protection.

Reason #2. Content-rich and helpful website

An informative website is a great help for any person about to move. There’s so much to take into account but when information is scattered, it’s hard to come up with an actionable moving plan.

United Van Lines run a quality online resource which makes it easy for their clients to access lots of helpful tips and moving resources. Here are some of them you can find on their website:

  • moving estimators;
  • moving videos;
  • moving checklists and articles;
  • moving FAQs and glossary;
  • moving planner, etc.

On top of that, United can provide you with a pretty accurate online cost estimation. They also have various full-service packages with a handy comparison feature.

All in all, this has earned the company top-ranking positions in the moving industry in 2018 and secured it a number of prestigious awards.

Mayflower Transit


Mayflower Transit is a reputable and established moving company in business since 1927. With a 90-year experience, it surely knows how to deliver the best relocation experience for its clients. Here’s why we think it deserves the second place on this list.

Reason #1. Great for local and interstate move alike

Mayflower Transit is famous for what it can do for a local move. Its business bureau has a broad network of contractors that span the entire country and you can use the interactive map on their website to research some in your local area.

For interstate and international moves, Mayflower put in place a robust infrastructure of vehicles and personnel. From in-home estimate and moving quotes to reliable insurance policies, Mayflower ticks all the boxes. Like all interstate movers, Mayflowers is registered with the United States Department of Transportation and is fully qualified to move people and businesses across the country.

In addition, Mayflower provides special transportation services for a variety of unique needs.

For example, it can move laboratory and medical equipment. From patient beds to MRIs and dialysis systems, these movers can handle planned or urgent relocation across the United States.

Another example is trade show exhibits which also require extra care and protection. Moreover, Mayflower offers a white glove handling for shipments of great value and complexity and its first mile and last mile logistics is quite remarkable.

And not just residential moving – Mayflower specializes in corporate and industrial relocation as well. This requires a robust infrastructure and equipment which a lot of other movers lack.

Reason #2. Track your truck feature

Mayflower Transit delivers a great feature of online tracking of a truck with your belongings. Just enter your order number (or government number, if you are a government transferee) and instantly see the location of your truck. Handy!

Arpin Van Lines


Arpin Van Lines enjoys a rich and colorful history since its foundation in 1900. Its slogan – Arpin – Creating Customers For Life® – is now a classic and one of the most recognized company mission statements. Let’s take a closer look at why this company landed on our list.

Reason #1. Arpin Accuquote

It’s no big news that relocation costs tend to get out of hand rather quickly: you must either ruthlessly discard your belongings or save for your move years in advance.

Arpin offers a handy feature of Accuquote which acts as a guaranteed maximum moving cost. You can’t spend more than Accuquote but if your moving costs turn out to be smaller, lower fees apply automatically. This makes the moving costs easier to control and ensures you’re not in for a treat on a moving day. By the way, you can also qualify for a discount or special coupon so make sure to ask around.

If you’re looking to store your belongings or valuables, Arpin’s storage services are quite impressive: they offer 4.7 million sq.f. of storage space.

In addition, this moving company has an amazing selection of moving tips and resources and is definitely your ultimate move coordinator.

Reason #2. Green initiatives

Arpin’s green initiatives are remarkable achievements. The company was named one of the key members of the SmartWay Transport Partnership run by the US Environment Protection Agency.

Arpin also encourages its customers to opt in for a green move. It uses retrofitted equipment, energy-saving facilities and eco-friendly packing materials among other things to lower the costs of moving while taking care of the environment. The full list of the company’s green initiatives is pretty impressive and varies from the 1st electric car charging station in Rhode Island to full-scale carbon reduction research.

Interstate Moving Quotes

When you are about to plan a long distance move, one of the most important tasks is to get an accurate moving quote. Many people dread this moment but the sooner you get this straight, the better. Before you can go ahead, carefully plan which belongings you’re going to take with you and what must be discarded.

The best way to get a fairly concise moving cost estimation is to contact a few interstate movers and ask for a quote. Be sure to ask for the onsite estimation because this way the costs wouldn’t be raised more than 10% from the original ones. Additionally, when you get an onsite estimation, signed with a mover representative, you are protected by the law and won’t be scammed on the moving day. Another good idea is to work with reputable movers and avoid brokers who push your relocation costs up.

The Average Cost of a State to State Move in the US

Your moving costs depend on a number of things, most importantly the distance and the weight of the belongings you want to take with you. Here are a few examples of the average interstate moving costs to give you a better idea:

  • moving from New York to Washington, D.C. With the distance of 240 miles, the average cost of moving a 1-bedroom household is going to be $1,780;
  • moving from San Francisco to New York. With the distance of 2,930 miles, the average cost of moving a 1-bedroom household is going to be $4,150.

Again, the best way to get an accurate moving quote is to ask for an in-home estimate from a reputable interstate mover. Moving day is not the time for a surprise, right?

Also, while you can’t control the distance, you can definitely sort out your belongings and discard unnecessary things before your big move to cut down the costs.

What Is the Best Way to Move Out of State

Whatever your reason for a long distance move, the truth is it’s going to be quite challenging – yet nothing you can’t handle. A good moving plan will sort you out.

  • Get a moving planner
    Keep track of everything and jot down to-do lists and important arrangements to have them in full view. A moving planner will help you stay on top of things and urge you to stick to your moving schedule while avoiding the last-minute hassle.
  • Find a credible interstate mover
    There are so many red flags to watch for in the moving industry. Use reputable online resources like to find the trusted movers to relocate you across the United States. Remember to avoid brokers as they are unnecessary intermediaries.
  • Discard, discard, discard
    The sooner you start cleaning up, the better. The volume and weight of your belongings drive the moving costs up. Consider selling some items on Craigslist or eBay to create some cash flow you can add to your moving budget.
  • Start packing early on
    Plan whether you are going to order packing materials from your movers or will source them on your own. Remember that it’s better to entrust your movers to pack fragile items as these require special packaging and skills to wrap them up securely.
  • Take care of valuables and essentials
    Get a box and put aside keys, credit cards, documents, licenses, etc. to make sure they are not lost in the hustle and bustle of the moving day. Think of the best way to pack these items to travel safely.
  • Pack an essentials box
    It’s going to be one big nuisance on a moving day. Pack your phone and phone charger, keys, credit cards and ID separately. Make sure to pack snacks and a few bottles of water to keep you energized throughout the move.

Get interstate moving quotes instead of hiring a truck10 Reasons to Use Interstate Moving Companies

Well today, we’re here to set things straight. Today we’re going to list the top 10 reasons why you should hire a professional moving company instead.

  1. A faster experience. Getting professionals means that your relocation will happen much faster than it would if you had to do it yourself. Experts will speed things up for you so you can stay on schedule.
  2. Packing is tedious. Packing is probably the most time-consuming task. In addition to being tedious, it also requires a bit of know-how. There are proper ways on how to pack appliances, furniture and other items. Proper packing will lead to less risk for damages. Experts can do this process for you.
  3. Heavy lifting is hard. Hired help can do all the heaving lifting. In addition to this, of course they have equipment to help with loading and unloading as well.
  4. They have tools and equipment. Professional movers usually offer a complete package which includes boxes, tapes, crates, containers, fillers, wraps and other things needed for packing. They also have dollies and straps for transport, in addition to the actual moving trucks of course.
  5. Insurance. If you encounter any road bumps or damage to your goods along the way, you have no one to blame but yourself. However, when you outsource it, you can choose to get insurance coverage for any possible loss or damage.
  6. No more truck rental. If you’re doing a self-move then you probably need to spend money on renting a truck. Of course you also need to pay for gas and other expenses.
  7. Less unnecessary expenses. Aside from truck rental and gas money, doing it on your own also entail other expenses like toll fees, meals, stopovers, and even motels if the journey takes longer than a day.
  8. You have more time on your hands. Since the hard work is off of your hands you now have more time to tend to other important tasks like coordinating your new home.
  9. Storage. If for any reason your new home isn’t ready for occupancy yet, the moving company can offer you a temporary storage facility where you can keep your items in the meantime. Some even offer free storage of up to 30 days.
  10. They will make your life easier. No need for further explanation here. I’m sure you get the idea.

If you use the form above, you’ll find a perfect fit right away!

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