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Know Your Rights As A Moving Client

Moving across the country is stressful enough without having the extra worry of wondering if you are being scammed. To this end, it is tremendously important to ensure that you know where you stand before your stuff is boxed up and shipped off with one of the movers available to you. The following list of ten points to remember will hopefully guide you in the right direction and make sure you’re reunited with your things without any unforeseen hassle.

1.  Know your rights before you put your valuables on the truck.

First and foremost, reading up on your rights can give you some extra peace of mind when discussing anything even remotely legal. Your movers should have given you a copy of your rights before agreeing to transport any of your things: reading that document will give you confidence and should put your mind at ease. If it doesn’t, there may be questions you need to ask.



2.  Ensure you mention extras and valuable items before requesting a quote.

A quote is only good if it includes everything you possess. If you are transporting extremely valuable things, dangerous things or hidden extras, do make sure you mention them. The company’s liability may be limited in any of these instances.

3.  Know the difference between binding and non binding quotes.

This is a big one: make sure you’re completely aware of your companies’ policies regarding binding and non binding quotes – particularly what they apply to. You don’t want an unexpected charge at the end of the move, after all.

4.  Know your service options.

It is common for companies to offer multiple service options to ensure you get the best value for money. The different types would depend on your particular firm and include by weight, by size and by load. Exclusive use of a vehicle ensures that your shipment is the only one on a particular vehicle; expedited service is where your mover goes above and beyond the usual service requirement to ensure you receive your shipment before a certain date.

5.  If you’re shipping by weight, request a scale comparison before and after.

This is exactly what it sounds like! Make sure you are getting your money’s worth. You are absolutely entitled to a comparison in weight before and after: any reputable moving company will ensure you can easily invoke this right.

6.  Request to reweigh your contents upon delivery.

Once again, request that the truck be reweighed at the delivery point to ensure there have been no modifications of the content en route… It can be pretty difficult to ascertain the contents by eye, so weighing can be a good indication of honesty.

7.  Know your timescale – 21 days at the outside.

Depending on your requirements and where you are relocating to (specifically the distance), you should expect to see your things again within 21 days. Naturally this estimate can vary depending on the company and very often deliveries are made much more quickly than that.

8.  Don’t be bullied into paying cash only.

Anyone who asks to be paid in cash only needs to be approached with a cautious air. Reputable businesses always have the means to accept multiple forms of payment – cash can be notoriously difficult to trace and almost impossible to reclaim if your shipment goes awry.

9.  Get a copy of the inventory list.

You know what you put on the truck: so should your movers. Get a copy of the inventory list before “take off” so that you can compare it to what actually arrives in the end. Do take this step even if you’re extremely tired – it may come in very useful for your benefit alone: do you remember where you packed the coffee maker?

10.  Always get a receipt.

Whether it’s for peace of mind or tax purposes, receipts are utterly essential in the modern world. Absolutely never, ever wave goodbye without obtaining a receipt for your service, no matter what.

In conclusion, it is very important to know your rights as the client to avoid being scammed or otherwise misled. Thankfully, provide an excellent way to get your move off to a great start: simply fill out the form provided to begin the process of finding your perfect moving companies. With only the best listed, you can be sure that you’ll be put in touch with the top notch in the industry.

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