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The Weirdest Things Our Companies Have Ever Moved

Moving is as fun as it is serious!

The moving industry is responsible for safely transporting a client’s personal things to a new location. This includes furniture, clothes, appliances and all sorts of belongings. However, since each individual has his or her own personal characteristics, hobbies, interests and “quirks”, we are often also faced with having to move very interesting things that others might even consider funny, out of the ordinary and even weird.

We’ve compiled a few of the weirdest items that our moving industry partners have encountered over the years and have indicated them here for your reading pleasure.

Some of the weirdest things that we have moved:

It starts off cool and interesting…

  • Mechanical bull
  • Authentic Grammy Awards
  • Army tank
  • Merry-go-round
  • An entire basketball court
  • UFO spaceship models the size of a small apartment
  • 10-foot tall birdhouse
  • Aquarium as big as a minibus, with water and 2 live sharks inside
  • Life-size wooden mermaid
  • Animatronic, robot T-Rex (think Jurassic Park)
  • 3,000-pound bronze apple
  • An old space satellite
  • 100 jars filled with sand of different shades and colors
  • A replica of the stone-car from The Flinstones


And then there were the really weird ones…

  • Human skeleton (we were hoping this was for Scientific purposes)
  • Electric chair
  • Preserved insects inside glass jars
  • Glass funeral casket
  • A truckload of clown and mascot costumes (his personal possessions said the owner)
  • A thousand pounds worth of human hair
  • A stuffed Zebra
  • Wax figures of Sonny and Cher
  • Glass urns containing the remains of a dozen pet dogs

Okay, before we freak you out, let’s stop at those for the meantime. Needless to say, we get our fair share of interesting stories throughout day-to-day business. What’s important is that despite their curiosity and bewilderment, the movers should always respect the life and privacy of the client.

Interesting things always pop up in the shipment lists and if truth be told, that’s part of what makes this job so fun!

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