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Using Furniture Sliders to Ease Your Move

Transporting furniture is not an easy task especially if you plan on doing it alone. However, it is a very essential part of moving. Usually, what happens is you spend half the time fighting with your furniture, and less time actually doing the work that needs to be accomplished. The trickiest part is when you don’t like how the layout looks and you keep on changing the furniture arrangement for half a hundred times. This is why furniture sliders are a great investment for any home.

What are furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are smooth plastic disks that have a rubbery back side which grabs or sticks to furniture. You can place it under the leg of a sofa or cabinet for example, or in the case of entertainment centers, under each corner. They create a sort of slippery platform for the furniture which will allow you to slide the item across your floor with ease.

To get a bit technical, the sliders work thanks to the lower level of friction that they provide between your floor and its smooth plastic side. This makes it easier for you to have the furniture glide across any room surface.

Some reminders

  • Make sure to get the right size of sliders for you furniture, so that it can handle the weight of your item
  • Make sure that the furniture is securely attached to the disk so it doesn’t just slide off it and onto the floor
  • Try to avoid cheap sliders or knock-off ones, because you should never sacrifice great quality or else, risk ruining your floor AND your furniture
  • Effective sliders can help you reposition heavy furniture, plus their contents with ease. For example: a cabinet full of books or an entertainment center with a TV. For big objects like this, you need sliders of at least 7 inches in diameter. For lighter items like recliner, side tables or a couch, you can use 3.5 inch disks.
  • Try to buy a bit more than you need just to be sure with the sizing

How to get them

There are many brands of sliders in the market today. But before you go hunting for them, check with the moving company you hired because they may actually have it. Some companies offer packages that will already give you both large and small sliders. If they don’t have some, you can always go to your local supply store (Walmart, Target, Home Depot), or check out the internet (EZ Moves). If you can look up product reviews, that would be best.

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