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What are Interstate Moving Companies?

Sometimes you relocation entails a relocation that is miles and miles away from your home, like say to a different state altogether. In this case, there is still a specific type of professional mover that can cater to your needs. These are called Interstate Movers.

Interstate movers specialize in long-distances. Whether it’s from east coast to west coast, or from Montana to Florida. What differentiates them from smaller, local ones, is the fact that they are better equipped for long-distance transport. They have more trucks (and bigger ones too). They have more people and connections, and most have storage facilities too. They can also deal with transfers if needed.

Some Tips to Remember When Looking for Long-Distance Movers

To help you in your search, here are some DO’s that you should remember:

  • Do a thorough research about the company before you sign any contract
  • Make sure that they has complete licenses and registrations (Look for their MC or Motor Carrier Number)
  • Try to get feedback from their previous customers. Past references are very helpful. Look it up with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Study their quotes carefully and have them explain to you each single cost. Ask for their tariff where their rates, rules and practices are itemized. They are required by law to have these published.
  • Ask about insurance.
  • Ask your contact upfront if he is a broker or works for the actual company. If the person is a broker ensure you research both companies before making a decision.

Things to Avoid

On the other hand, here is a quick list of things that you should be wary of:

  • Don’t hire a company that only takes cash. Reputable movers take various modes of payment such as credit cards and debit cards.
  • Don’t pay until all of your things have been unloaded in the new address. Make sure all items are complete before you sign anything.
  • Don’t trust your most precious belongings in their hands. It’s better to bring your valuable documents, jewellery and other important papers yourself.
  • Don’t wait too long before you report any damages. Do this as quickly as possible or else, the claim will be harder to prove.

Remember, whoever you choose will be the ones to handle your personal belongings from your original home to your new one so make sure to choose wisely. Look for a company who will take care of your things the same way that you yourself would.

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