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How to Tip Movers

Should I give tips?

A lot of people are confused about tipping when it comes to movers. But the fact of the matter is this- just like any other service industry, tipping movers is not required but of course highly appreciated. Tipping is a sign of gratitude and can also be a reward for a job well done.

Think of it this way, moving is no easy task. Packing itself is tedious and consuming, let alone the actual process of lifting your possessions from your room to the moving truck. It’s a back breaking business. So a little tip will definitely go a long way.

How much should I tip movers?

There really isn’t a standard when it comes to how much a customer should tip and it will all depend on how generous you are, as well as how well you think the movers did their job.

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However, there is a popular rule of thumb that a lot of people adhere to, and that’s 5% of the moving cost. So for example, is a two-man team helped you out for the price of $600, you could tip them a total of $30. That’s basically $15 per mover. Let’s not forget of course that it’s still up to you. If you think they did an excellent job, then you can be a bit more generous. And if you think that they don’t deserve it at all, based on their performance (like if they arrived late for example), you can choose not to give tips.

A few details to consider

Here are some factors you can consider before you give a tip:

  • Did they arrive on time? – The earlier the movers arrive, the better! If they arrive right on the designated time then that’s good. If they arrive 15-30 minutes earlier than you expected then that’s great! Of course, if they’re late for more than 5-10 minutes then that’s simply inexcusable.
  • How carefully did they move your things? – Here are some things to watch out for:
    • They should use the proper equipment in transporting your items. (dollies, moving pads, gloves, etc.)
    • They should also be mindful of the house, or the places they will be passing by. The movers shouldn’t just watch over your stuff. They should also steer clear of destroying the house you’re leaving. You’ll have a price to pay to your landlord if the apartment you’re leaving gets ruined. Watch the floors, the walls, doors, and doorways.
    • The movers shouldn’t move in too much of a rush, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be moving at a snail’s pace either.
  • Did your things arrive in good condition? – First of all, your items should all be complete. Then, check your boxes, furniture, electronics and other items for signs of damage. There shouldn’t be any bumps or scratches on the edges, sides and surfaces.
  • Were they kind and polite in greeting you or answering questions? – A smile and basic pleasantries are good. Some heartfelt (but not too intrusive, nor too long) conversations are better. If they just show up and immediately just proceed to lifting boxes then that’s just rude manners. They should also be very polite and positive when answering any questions you may have. A good knowledge of the industry is definitely a plus!
  • Did they wear their uniforms properly and show that they care for the job? – The first thing to note is whether or not they’re wearing their proper uniforms. This often includes a labelled shirt that has the logo of the company, uniform shorts (or pants), and a cap. They’re professionals and should always look the part.

Use the guide questions above as your rating scale on how to tip your movers. If they did a good job then give them a good tip. If they did service that is over and beyond the normal then a generous tip will be highly appreciated. And of course to be fair, if they do a lousy job then it’s your discretion if you want to give a tip or not.

How to give your tips

Most companies suggest that you tip movers equally. However, if you notice that some people are working harder than the rest then it’s okay to give them a bit more. To be safe, make sure to give your tips personally to each mover, rather than just handing everything to their supervisor or foreman.

In addition, small gestures from your end are also very much welcomed. Offering them cold beverages will be greatly appreciated for sure. You should also be warm and friendly to them. More often than not, if you smile to a person, he will definitely smile back.

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