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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Mover

Moving is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It’s a huge step which will change almost every aspect of your daily life. It requires a lot of preparations as well as a lot of adjustments, which will take weeks or even months.

With that being said we cannot stress enough how important it is to find a good moving company to help you out. Finding the right moving company will spell the difference between success and disaster.


What are the benefits of hiring a good mover?
Before we go any further, let’s talk about the pros of hiring a good moving company:

  • Convenience – Think of all the tasks that you can ask your movers to help you with. Most full-service movers even provide packing services.
  • Saves you time – When you’ve got professional helpers then tasks will surely be finished at a much faster rate. This means you can have more time to do other important things such as preparing your family, handling travel documents, or finishing up on your work.
  • Expert hands – Working with professional movers means that you’re hiring people who do this for a living. This means getting help from people who know all of the in’s and out’s or moving. They know the right ways to pack furniture, carry boxes, and protect your belongings.
  • Manpower – If you plan on doing everything by yourself, I say, good luck! However, if you’re thinking about hiring professional movers then congratulations. The extra manpower will definitely go a long way in saving time, and reducing your stress levels.

8 Steps for Finding Expert Movers

Now let’s proceed to the steps you need to do in order to find good movers:

  1. Find a good source for mover information –

    Don’t just rely on newspaper ads or word of mouth. You need expert opinion when it comes to moving. Try online moving quote services like Top Mover Quotes because they have comprehensive experience when it comes to moving companies. They also have a wide database of contacts and can easily direct you to legitimate movers from your area.

  2. Get quotes from at least 3 companies –

    Gather as many options as you can. The minimum should be to get quotations from at least 3 companies. This will give you the opportunity to compare their services and their rates too. Don’t just settle for the first quote that you get. Read each quote carefully.

  3. Ask a lot of questions –

    If you see something that’s unclear in the quotation, you have to ask the company right away. Don’t dismiss it. As an informed consumer, make sure that everything is clear with you. Check their services package, as well as their costing. You should also ask about any additional charges as well as insurance policies. The more you ask, the more they’ll know that you are not to be messed around with. And of course, this will help you in making your decision.

  4. Look for certifications and licenses –

    Legitimate companies have a license number that’s issued by the Department of Transportation. They should also have a motor carrier number as well as affiliations with the professional organizations in the moving industry.

  5. Study their affiliations –

    A good moving company should be affiliated with the FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. They should also have a stamp of approval from the AMSA or the American Moving and Storage Association.

  6. Check their address and contact details –

    Check and see if their address is indeed real, and if their contact numbers are all working. They should also be very responsive to all of your queries.

  7. Check their BBB Score –

    The Better Business Bureau issues scores or ratings for companies in the United States. A high score means that the company performs well and is of good standing. A low score means that they have customer complaints or that they are not up to the industry’s standards.

  8. Ask/ Look for referrals from previous customers –

    Find people who have used their services before and find out if they were satisfied with the given service. Ask if they were charged fairly and if everything was done in a timely manner.

Moving can be very stressful, but only if you aren’t prepared. If you follow these tips and hire good movers, you’ll be on your way to a successful and hassle-free relocation.

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