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American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

What is AMSA?

Whether you’re a moving company looking to get certified, or a consumer who yearns for information, there’s one organization that you should be familiar with – AMSA. The American Moving and Storage Association or AMSA is a non-profit trade association which was established in 1936. With over 3200  members, AMSA aims to represent and enhance both the domestic and international moving and storage industry.


The organization is made up of professionals that are involved with moving household goods both in local and interstate settings. Aside from transport, AMSA’s members are also composed of companies who are involved in warehouse and storage services.


In its goal to promoting the industry, the AMSA has developed a program called ProMover. The ProMover program certifies that its members have been able to successfully pass a background check to assure credibility. In addition to this, ProMover certified companies also agree to uphold the strict Code of Ethics of the AMSA.

Customers are encouraged to look for the ProMover Sticker and Logo as an assurance of good quality service. The logo can be found on a member’s website, marketing materials etc. In turn, companies should vie to become a recognized member of the AMSA, and strive to get certified with the ProMover program.

Filing Complaints

Customers who experience any problems  should try to settle the dispute with the moving company first. But if the company fails or refuses to respond, the customer can take it up to the AMSA via a formal complaint.

The AMSA offers dispute resolution and arbitration for misunderstandings that involve damage claims, claims for loss, additional and unjustified charges as well as disputes regarding poor service.

AMSA’s arbitration program is administered by the National Arbitration Forum (Forum) in order to maintain a fair and neutral position.  The Forum is an independent, non-governmental organization that is not affiliated with the American Moving and Storage Association nor with any mover.  For many years now, the Forum has been recognized as the leading independent arbitration organization in the United States.  All members the of AMSA participate in the arbitration program.

AMSA Contact Details

For more information you may contact them at the following:

American Moving & Storage Association

Address: 1611 Duke Street , Alexandria, VA 22314-3604, USA

Phone:   (703) 683-7410

Toll free:  (888) 849-AMSA [2672]

Fax: (703) 683-7527


Association website:

Consumer website:

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