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Divorcing? Get Movers FAST

Let’s face it, divorce is a part of life. No matter how hard some couples try, some relationships just don’t work anymore and separation is the only option. So what does one do during this very challenging time?

You move out and you do it quickly.

The faster you get the process over with, the faster you can start on your new life. The act of divorcing is a very difficult situation and a quick relocation may just be the thing to avoid further conflict and confrontation.

Here are some tips on preparation:

  • Take Some Time to Breathe – First and foremost, you need to take some time to think about what’s happening. Give yourself some time to process the situation and plan your next steps. Depending on the person, sometimes it’s best if you get some time along. For others, the better alternative is to seek the counsel of a trusted friend or loved one.
  • Speak With Your Lawyer – You should consult your lawyer as soon as possible because he will be able to walk you through the legalities of conducting a divorce (discuss the details of the pre-nuptial agreement if applicable). People are often very tense or emotionally-distraught during times like this so it’s good to have a clear—headed adviser on your said.
  • Make a List – Before anything else, consider the items you need to bring with you. Which items are listed under your name and which ones do you need to leave behind? This has to be done quickly because deeper analysis will only cause you more emotional pain and trauma. It will help if you’re civil with your partner. Talk it out and sort out your possessions. If this is not possible, pack light and take only the things that you really need.
  • Handle the Children with Care – Divorcing your partner gets tricky if children are involved in the situation. Your decisions will greatly affect their future so clearly talk about the kid’s welfare and living arrangements. If a couple doesn’t agree on this, courts can settle this at a later date. In the meantime, make sure that the children are well taken care of despite the divorce.  It’s also important to talk to them gently and explain to them the situation. Keeping them in the dark will only result in resentment, trauma and depression for them.
  • Plan your Next Step – Where are you going? Figure out where you will be staying and where your things will be sent to. Consider renting a new place or maybe rooming in with a relative or close friend. Either way, make the arrangements quickly and efficiently.
  • Storage May Be a Good Option – If you don’t have a big enough place to stay yet, it’s a good idea to consider storage facilities. You can place your furniture, cabinets or other bulky items in a storage facility/warehouse whilst you search for a new apartment or house.
  • Let Professionals Handle the Physical Work – If you need someone to help with the transition, turn on your computer and do quick internets search for movers in your area. Websites like TMQ.US can quote good prices. Choose professionals and contact them right away. Tell them how much stuff you have and how fast you need them to act. It helps to mention that you’re divorcing because most companies understand how delicate these situations are.

For a quick and hassle-free transition, hire professionals instead of trying to do the work yourself. They can do everything for you, from packing to loading, to unloading and unpacking. With the help of professionals, you will not be burdened with stressful little tasks and you can focus on the more important aspects of your divorce.


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