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Getting the Best Price for Your Service

It’s a Big Ocean Out There

The moving industry is deeply saturated and for a small-to-medium sized team of movers, it can be difficult to stay afloat. It’s even harder to offer the right price that your service deserves. Getting the best price for your service can be a tall order of business for even the most established moving company. As a vendor in an industry that relies on a lot of erratic factors, you are already competing with a large range of pain points: pitching quotes to cost-conscious customers, navigating a seasonal business and high fuel costs… you know the list, and you know how it goes on and on.

Analyzing financial data

How to Get the Right Price

Fortunately, there are a few techniques that you can incorporate into your business model to ameliorate your processes and increase revenue. The following is an overview of these key elements and how they can help your company get the best price for its services.

  • Briefing & Training Your Team – Your company may already have the best team imaginable, but even an A-one team needs to be briefed and retrained regularly.  Training can cover a range of topics, from streamlining your moving company quotes with your sales or booking team to reviewing best practices with your actual movers. Remember, maintaining a consistent regimen of training is not about telling your employees what to do, but rather about keeping them integrated into the experience of your company culture. This integration keeps your team productive and profitable.
  • Enhancing Moving Company Quotes – You are often in the unenviable position of having to submit a moving quote to customers who are already anticipating an anxiety-ridden experience. Getting the best price for your service can be stymied from the word go where bidding is involved.
  • Add Value –A great company doesn’t just move boxes. Does you offer a specialized service that your customer will have a hard time finding elsewhere? Have you won any accolades or awards for your service? Find subtle ways to incorporate these assets into your quote, whether through sales team/booking agent interaction with the customer or through your company’s marketing copy.
  • Be Specific – Let your customer know exactly what he or she is getting for the dollar amount you submit. Many customers are simply collating a large range of quotes and looking for a lowball number, instead of considering the extent of services that comes with each moving quote. Highlight exactly what you have to offer that makes you stand out from your competitors.
  • Build Trust Among Your Customers  – Put a personal face on your services and build trust directly with your customers. If possible, give quotes on-site at your potential client’s home or business. Your customers are entrusting you with their most personal and prized possessions. Having a one-on-one experience with you can make a big difference when that customer decides to make a final decision.
  • Look the Part – If you want to be look like a premium and well-established company then you have to look the part. Your on-site team should always be on time and look presentable. They should always be tidy and wear the proper uniforms. You can also spend more time and effort on marketing and establishing your brand. Put a big, readable logo on your moving trucks, your office, and your ads (if any). A well-thought out branding and marketing plan will re received well by your customers. If your office support, your crew and your whole brand looks like a shabby small-time operation, people will definitely say no to paying the right price for your services.
  • Considering Technological Upgrades-A moderate upfront investment in technological upgrades can make a significant difference to your ROI in the long run. There are a lot of Customer Relationship Management software options out there today. CRM software facilitates each link in the vendor-customer chain, and can ease every pain point in your organization, from your moving quotes to your move schedules.
  • Share Your Business’ Accomplishments – Don’t be too modest. If your business has myriad positive reviews and recommendations, and has received awards or positive ratings from business-related organizations, let your customers know. Positive feedback from the Better Business Bureau and AMSA still affect customer action- don’t hesitate to boast a bit about what your business has achieved.

Employing these techniques is a great starting point for improving customer relations and internal practices. These methods are excellent spot fixes along your supply chain that can strengthen your organization as a whole and your reputation in your region.  As a result, you can get your company that much closer to getting the best price for your moving service and improving revenue. To further expand on your options, consider registering at a service like that can help you get your improved methods and moving quotes in front of those that matter most- your customers.

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