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Handling Bedroom Furniture

If there’s one room in the house that we feel the most attachment to, it’s our bedroom. This is where we start and end each day. This is where we feel the most at ease. And it follows that bedrooms usually contain the things that are most important to us. Just think of how protective and attached people are to their beds and dressers!

Therefore, it’s important to give special attention to this room whenever you’re planning a relocation.


Practical Tips You Can Follow

Here are some practical tips that you need to do when handling and moving bedroom furniture.

  • Remove some clutter
    Before you start packing everything in boxes, it’s crucial to stop and assess the contents of your bedroom. There are probably a lot of items there that have just been sitting untouched for a year. There could also be some items that you are now ready to replace. Basically, our advice here is for you to remove all of the junk that you don’t use and dispose of them in the best possible way either by selling them or donating to charity. This will save you a lot of space, time, and cost during packing.
  • Make a list of your bedroom furniture
    This is a basic step before any move. You need to look around the room and do a thorough inventory of the items inside it. Create a list of all the things you need to pack up, especially for items that are fragile or need special handling. This will help you to plan out how much, and what type of packing materials you’ll be needing.
  • Start with smaller items
    To save you time and effort, start packing smaller items first. Start with your personal items such as clothes, jewelry, and other accessories, then move on to smaller pieces of furniture. This way, you’ll clear up some room for the big items that may need disassembling.
  • To dismantle or not to dismantle
    You must remember not that not all bedroom furniture can be dismantled. If you are unsure about whether or not a cabinet can be collapsed into smaller parts, ask your friends to help you out. Or better yet, let professionals do it for you – get a quote for moving your furniture. In any case, make sure to take pictures of the item before you dismantle it. This way, you’ll know how to put it back later. Also, remember to save all the nuts, bolts, and other parts so you won’t lose them. It’s also a good idea to put labels.
  • Don’t injure yourself
    Don’t try to be a hero. Most big pieces of furniture need at least three people to pack and carry it. In addition, if you feel like a box is too heavy to be lifted by hand, use trolleys or carts instead. Again, if you hire professional movers, they should come prepared with these things.
  • Clear out the pathway
    Before moving your bedroom furniture from one place to another, make sure that you’ve cleared out the pathway. Remove all toys, carpets or rugs on the floor to ensure smooth movement. If some pieces of furniture have to be moved out of the way then by all means do so. In order to be sure of the sizes, you could use meter sticks, measuring tape, or metric rulers to get accurate numbers.
  • No running around
    It’s also important to make sure that your kids and pets are safely outside the house, or in a secluded room. There’s nothing more dangerous than a house full of kids or dogs running around during moving day. Your dogs may also cause a serious threat to the movers so it would be best to keep them on a leash for a while.

Safety and organization, these are the best tools for handling your bedroom furniture. In truth, the same applies for all of the rooms in your house!

Here at TMQ, we wish you a fun, safe and stress-free move!

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