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How to Move Heavy Furniture

When we think about moving, most of the time, we think of packing clothes and putting our personal trinkets in a box. What we fail to realize at first, is that the process requires us to pack and move our appliances and furniture as well.

One of the toughest things to tackle is heavy furniture. It not only poses a risk to the item itself being damaged, it can also pose a risk to the person doing the work, as well as its surroundings. If you don’t want to get into that, just find out what furniture moving quotes are.



Tips for moving heavy furniture safely

To keep you and your possessions safe, here are some tips that you should remember:

  • Don’t try to do it alone – Ditch the superman mentality. It usually requires the combined efforts of two to four people, depending on what type of furniture you’re dealing with. Trying to do it singlehandedly will only result into disaster.
  • Use dollies – If you don’t own a dolly, you can always buy or rent one. You can also ask the company you’ve hiredsome) and find out if they will already be bringing dollies for your furniture (or if they will be charging you extra). Dollies can lessen your burden, avoid strain in your muscles, and make the transfers much faster.
  • Use straps to keep your furniture secure – Use straps to safely affix the item to your dolly. You can also put straps when the furniture is inside the truck. Straps will ensure that the item doesn’t fall or topple over. They can also be used as convenient hand-holds.
  • Use gloves – Wearing gloves are a great way to get a firm grip on your furniture. This eliminates the risk of slippery hands which can cause unwanted accidents. Gloves are also a nice way to ensure that the surface of your furniture will remain safe and protected.
  • Clear out the path – Make sure you to plan out the path that it’s going to take. Ensure that the corridors are free from any clutter and that the floors are not slippery. Keep your children and pets away from the area as well to avoid accidents.

With some help and a little planning, transporting your heavy furniture can actually be a breeze!

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