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Just Married? Awesome Tips for Moving in Together

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are that congratulations are in order. You’re entering a new chapter in life and you’re off to start fresh with your partner. Moving in together and embracing the married life is very exciting but it can be a daunting notion as well. You’re no longer living with your parents, your sisters, or your roommates. It’s time to say goodbye to being alone and time to say hello to living with your significant other.

Moving in after tying the knot

There are so many aspects to getting married but one of the most exciting, yet nervous, part is moving in together. But don’t you worry, humans have been doing this for ages and it’s perfectly possible to have a happy married life together.  So to help you drop your fears and get started on creating a new home, here are some tips that you should remember:

List down your things and start sorting

What appliances do you own? Do you have enough furniture? Whose bed are you going to use or do you need to buy a new one? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer and the solution is to list your possessions down. Allot some sit-down time with your partner and write down the items that you own. The next thing to do is to sort them into categories- furniture, appliances etc. This will allow you to see what each of you can bring to the table, or rather, your new home. After doing this, figure out with your partner what items you already have, which ones need to be disposed of, and which ones you still need to purchase.

Know your house

Find out what materials it’s made of. When was it first built? Who were the last owners? What sort of neighbourhood are you moving into? Does any area need to be fixed or remodelled? Before moving in with your partner, it’s important to visit your soon-to-be home and get to know every single part of it. This leads us to the next tip which is…

Measure your new home

Take a good look around your new home before you start buying furniture. Count how many rooms, bathrooms and outlets there are. It also helps to measure the floor size of each room so you’ll have an idea if your combined possessions can fit inside. You should also measure the height of each room together with the size of each doorway. Find out how many windows there are so you can estimate the number of curtains or blinds that you should bring. This is very good preparation for the next step…

Create a floor plan

Once you’ve gotten a good idea of how big your home is, create a floor plan. This means using pen and paper to plot out the layout of your home. What should go where in each room? Where will the beds be facing? Where will his treadmill go?

Find a spot for your oak dresser. Decide where the dining area will be. Choose which space is going to be the family’s common area. Having this beforehand will spare you from being overwhelmed and confused once all of your things arrive in your new home. It will also make the unpacking process much faster.

Hire a moving company

To speed up the process and to ensure that your things will be handled properly, you can hire professionals that will help you throughout the process. Professional moving companies specialize in helping people during relocations. They will provide you with the manpower you need to do all of the heavy-lifting. They can drive the items for you and bring them inside your new home. Some even offer packing and unpacking services!

Set boundaries and respect each other

Newly-weds easily get into fights especially if it’s their first time to live together. You’ll learn about habits that you didn’t know existed. You’ll find quirks that may or not be too pleasing at first glance. You may not even be too comfortable with the fact that your partner can now go through and use all of your things. To avoid these arguments, make sure to talk it out and set boundaries. At the same time, it always helps to pack a lot of understanding in your back pocket.

Moving in is one of the biggest steps in your lives and you should definitely be excited for it! The key here is to do the planning together. You’re a team now and you’re building a new home for a new family.

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