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Long Distance Movers in Top 10 Cities

The United States of America is a unique and progressive nation that’s filled with great places to work and live. But among all of the cities in the entire country, 10 have stood out as the top choices when it comes to choosing a place of residence.

Some of the major reasons why these cities have become nationwide favorites include better employment opportunities, a high median and per capita income, affordable cost of living, great schools, and overall better quality of life.



The good news for people is that these top 10 cities all have excellent professional companies that can assist with relocation. If you’re thinking about relocating into one of these gorgeous cities, you’ll have no problem when it comes to transporting your precious belongings. As for the costs, view our estimates for long distance moving quotes.

But before that, let’s take a look at these top 10 cities and why they’re so irresistible to live in:


1. Austin, Travis County, Texas


Austin, Texas currently has one of the most dynamic economies in the country today. It’s arguably the best place to start a small business right now because it offers numerous livelihood and economic programs that support entrepreneurs. Aside from this, Austin is also booming with culture and entertainment. Talk about work-life balance!


2. Denver, Denver County, Colorado


The “Gateway to the Rocky Mountains” has a bustling arts community, several professional sports teams, numerous outdoor recreational activities, and a park system that’s the biggest in the entire country. Some of the most thriving industries in Denver include telecommunications, aerospace, biomedical and a lot of other high tech sectors. According to Fortune Magazine, it is one of the “Best Cities for Business”.


3. Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Newport News, Virginia


If you want a quiet life on the countryside, Norfolk is a great option for you. It has miles of coastline, picturesque nature reserves, scenic villages, quaint seaside resorts and a rich cultural heritage.


4. Minneapolis/St.Paul, Hennepin County, Minnesota


Minneapolis is home to a booming local economy that offers continued job growth and a consistently high quality of living. They also have a great transportation system, abundant natural resources and culture that keeps them firm on their roots.


5. Miami, Dade County, Florida


Miami, Florida is known for beautiful weather, gorgeous people, and a bustling social scene. But aside from these, it’s a great place to actually live in thanks to its thriving local economy and numerous job opportunities.


6. Orlando, Orange County, Florida


Tourism is still king when it comes to Orlando, Florida. There are so many interesting sites to visit here that both visitors and residents just can’t get enough of it. Their economy is also booming in the past few years and if you mix in the great weather (throughout the year), it’s a sure-fire recipe for awesome.


7. Colorado Springs, El Paso County , Colorado


Colorado is included in this prestigious list thanks to its fiscally sustainable government and economy, diverse development that fosters sustainable growth, and a high quality of life. Of course, it also helps that this place is teeming with natural beauty and bursting with numerous recreational activities that the entire family can enjoy.


8. San Diego, San Diego County, California


San Diego is one of the cities of choice for people who want to move because it’s simply breathtaking. It has blue skies and 70 miles of beaches, matched with a warm Mediterranean climate. If you want to watch amazing sunsets while sipping on a cold margarita, San Diego may be the city for you. Of course, the good economic standing of the city doesn’t hurt either.


9. Raleigh/Durham, Warren County, North Carolina


Raleigh, N.C. offers a bright employment future for its current and prospective residents. The key areas in its economy include biotechnology, telecommunications and computing. Both entrepreneurs and job-seekers will find this city very promising.

10. Seattle, King County, Washington


The Emerald City is really a green gem filled with evergreen trees that are amazing throughout the entire year. The city has a great view of the Cascade mountains to the east and the Olympic mountains to the west. The city offers a great balance of urban life mixed with tranquil nature. They also have a highly educated workforce and top-notch universities.


You can take your pick among these 10 amazing cities, but what you must remember is that before you pack your bags, you have to plan your move extensively. A good starting point would be to find professionals that you can trust and depend on.

For more information about how to get connected with reliable companies from any of these top 10 cities, fill out a Top Mover Quotes form today.

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