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Moving from New York to Texas

When my husband came home and announced that he had been relocated to a new office I found myself cringing.  I was not looking forward to moving from New York to Texas.  I worried over the costs and how we were going to be able to pack up all of our belongings in only a week’s time so that he could report in to his new place of employment.  I had enough stress trying to think about what school I was going to enroll our three children in and finding a home online that we could get into without having to worry about the actual moving process as well.

Some of my friends suggested that we hire a company to help us with the process.  I called around, compared quote rates, reviewed contract details and eventually settled on one that was based out of Texas. The company  gave me a list of options and helped me customize a plan in no time.  I felt the stress beginning to ease little by little.


They helped us get all of our belongings organized and packed up within just a few days.  I know that it would have taken us much longer than a week had we attempted to pack our things on our own.  Seeing how easy it was to get the trucks packed up, I actually began looking forward to our new home.  The tension that had been building up eased away and I found that it was eventually replaced by excitement.  A new home in a new place with new faces was an exciting thought.

Once we got to our new home I was astonished by the beautiful atmosphere and friendly personalities that we were surrounded by.  The movers were there to help us unload all of our things and a few of our new neighbors also came over to offer their assistance.  To this day, I am still happy about moving from New York to Texas.  I owe my gratitude to the company that helped us as well as some of our new friends and neighbors that also jumped in that very first day to help us out.


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img June 30, 2016
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