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Moving in the Past and in the Present

“Back in my day…”

Old people always say that in the 40s life was definitely simpler. Moving wasn’t as complicated as it is now and people complained a bit less. Let’s take a look at what has really changed over the years.

There’s so much gadgetry

Back in the old days, and we’re talking not just decades but centuries, all you needed to worry about was some basic furniture pieces, your clothes and of course… the kids.

Now in the 21st century, people’s list have doubled and tripled in length. Let’s begin with packing your LCD television, then your home theatre system, then your desktop computer, and all of your “major” appliances. Then you have your other appliances such as your microwave oven, food processor, juicer, sandwich-maker, etc. PLUS you still have to worry about your “personal” gadgets such as your smart phone (I wonder if people from the 40s ever thought phones would become so smart), your iPod, tablet PCs, and digital cameras. Oh and don’t forget the little things too: chargers, USB thumb drives, wire connectors, extra battery packs, and so on. THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF!

No wonder people lose stuff all the time. There are just too many things to track and think about.

Too much junk indeed

We always hear old-timers saying that people nowadays have too much junk in their possession. If you think about it, it’s actually true. Back in the day, when people relocate from one town to another, all of their belongings can be crammed into just one suitcase or two.

These days, people just have more stuff. Okay, while it is true that some are very important to us, what about the things you could definitely live without? We’re talking automatic juicers, dozens of bags that rarely get used, picture frames that are still good as new (unused), and the myriads of knick-knacks that people hold on to.

We live in such a consumerist-driven society and if truth be told, there’s a little hoarder within each of us.

Howdy, neighbors!

In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for people to help out their neighbours who are moving out. People were a lot friendlier then and neighbours actually knock on the newcomer’s homes to bring in some pies or specialty dish.

Nowadays, I’m going to bet that you don’t even know all of your neighbours personally! Asking for help is definitely out of the question for most people, especially those who live in apartments in the big cities. Just ask any typical New Yorker. Odds are they don’t know the full names of the people who live on their floor.

It’s actually ironic because while we have hundreds of friends on Facebook, we actually know very little of the people who are literally just around us.

But not everything is that bad…

Of course with the advancements that we now enjoy thanks to technology, there are some things that old-timers weren’t able to enjoy back then.

Travelling is faster and more accessible

Back then, if you want to move to a new location then you would need to sell most of your possessions just so you can make the journey. In addition to this, moving to faraway destinations (interstate or even internationally), often takes months.

Today, we are blessed because transportation is much more accessible for everyone and definitely faster than ever before. To get to the other side of this big country, all you need to do is book a plane ticket online and you’ll get there in no time.

We Don’t Really Need to Lose Touch

Because communication is so fast and easy, we no longer have to rely on telegrams or snail mail that both take so long to get delivered.

Today, even if you move to a different continent, you can still reach your loved ones easily with just a click of a button!

Technology Makes Moving Easier

Many years ago, people had to go through tedious measures just to find movers who can help them relocate. Most of the time, they had to do everything themselves.

Now, all you have to do is sit down, drink a beer, open your computer, and voila, moving companies are right at your fingertips.

Thanks to technology, you can even do a thorough background check on them and find out if they are legit or not.

In the old days, all you have to trust is the looks, smile and smell of the sales guy.

So you see, the 21st century isn’t so bad after all!

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