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Moving While Pregnant – Dos and Don’ts

There’s never a perfect time for anything and the same goes for Moving While Pregnant. It rarely happens during an ideal time of your life and more often than not, relocation happens during the trickiest situations of a person’s life. One example of this is during pregnancy.

Let’s admit it, if you’re you’re pregnant, the hassle just seems to multiply tenfold. There’s just so many things to do and numerous  tasks to accomplish. In addition to this, relocating also involves a lot of physical strength – something that pregnant women should be saving up on.



In this post, we’ll list down some of the do’s and don’ts of moving while pregnant. Follow these tips and it won’t be as bad an idea as it seems.

Things to DO and remember

  • Stay organized – Organization is the key to success. If you’re organized and stay on top of things, the less trouble and stress you’ll encounter. The best way to stay organized when moving while pregnant. Follow these tips and it won’t be as bad an idea as it to create lists. Create a separate list for your timeline, inventory, your moving contractors, friends and family’s contact numbers, etc.
  • Stock up on supplies – Do a one-time shopping trip and stock up on the things you need for the event. Having lots of packaging tape, boxes, fillers, plastic wraps and such, will save you on costly, time-consuming and energy-draining trips to the mall or grocery store.
  • Hire professionals – Pregnant women should never bother lifting heavy objects. Let a professional do this for you. Hire full-service movers that can help you from packing to loading, shipping and transport. The more they do for you, the less you have to strain yourself.
  • If you must lift things, use your knees and back – This will prevent backaches and ensure that you’re spine and tummy are both safe. But again, if you can ask someone to help you out with lifting things, by all means, do so.
  • Get lots of rest – Be careful not to stress yourself too much. Make sure to get lots of rest before, during and after the move.

Things you should NOT do

  • Don’t lift heavy objects  – If you’re not careful, heavy lifting can endanger you and your baby’s health.
  • Don’t hesitate on recruiting help – Yes they will cost you some cash, but if they will make things go faster and easier for you, the investment is worth it.
  • Don’t dehydrate yourself – Drink lots of water and avoid anything caffenated.
  • Don’t cram – Instead of trying to do everything in a day, create a more comfortable pace and divide your tasks within a more acceptable timeframe. For example, pack a bit of stuff, a little each day instead of doing everything in one go.

Good luck!

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