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Moving With Kids

Changing houses is a big life decision. Once you decide to do this leap, you have to consider all aspects of your life, most especially, your family. And in terms of family relocations, kids often have the hardest time coping.

Children don’t have the same values that adults have. When your reasons maybe career and finances, to your kids, all they see is that you’re making them leave their friends.



There will be misunderstandings that’s for sure, but there’s no other way to go about it. It’s not as if, you can leave your kids behind right? Of course not!

So what you need to do is to explain everything to them to help them understand the reasons behind this change.

Here are a few tips to help you create an easier experience:

  • Don’t leave important things unsaid

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is to keep their children in the dark. As a parent, it’s your duty to educate your children and make them a part of every decision. Have a family meeting or just a serious talk over dinner and explain to them clearly why it is that the change is necessary. Make sure to use words that they will understand. If you have personal experiences about moving, share them with your kids. Transparency and clarity will go a long way.

  • Keep them involved

It’s important to make the children excited about this exciting change. This can be done by keeping them involved in minor decision-making. For example, take them to the new house and let them choose their own rooms. You can also ask for their advice regarding wall colors, furniture, and other decisions that will make them feel important.

  • Visit the site ahead of time

Schedule a weekend where you and your kids can visit your new home. Tour them around the area and make them comfortable with the new surroundings. If they know where your new home will be and what it looks like, the prospect of living there won’t be as scary.

Early visits are also important for scouting the neighbourhood and searching for important establishments and services (schools, dentists, hospitals, etc.)

  • Host a going-away party

Invite all of their friends and make sure that this event is super fun. Assure your children that with technology (internet, mobile phones, etc.) they can still keep in touch with their classmates and friends.

  • Make them comfortable during the actual move

During the day of the actual move, create a fun and exciting mood for everyone. If you have toddlers or little kids, let them bring their favourite toys in the car. Play some upbeat music during the travel, bring some yummy food, and maybe play games in your car.

Always remember that moving with kids need a lot of work and understanding. Just make sure to make them as comfortable with it as possible so they won’t get traumatized by the experience.

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