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On Moving Day

A lot of preparation goes into planning a move. The problem is that a lot of people fail to plan on what happens during the actual moving day. Are you prepared on the things that you need to do? Do you know the standard protocols? What will you do when the movers come?

Today we’ll show you some reminders on what to do during the day of your relocation.

  • You have to be there
    As the owner of the house and as the main client, you have to be physically present during moving day. The movers will need your signature for some important documents and of course, you have to ensure that they will be handling your things properly. You can’t just let a representative handle this for you.
  • Be mindful of how they load things into the truck
    Although you are technically allowed so sit back and relax, it’s still important to keep a watchful eye over the moving crew. When they’re loading your boxes into the truck, check and see if they’re handling the boxes with care. They should load the bigger and heavier boxes first, towards the front of the truck, and then load the lighter boxes last. If they’re stacking up boxes on top of one another, the lighter ones should again be on top. These steps are necessary to ensure that gravity and inertia won’t cause any damages to your goods.
  • Make a final check of every room
    Visit every single room in the house and double-check all the cabinets and closets. Check to see if anything got left behind in the loading, or even during the packing process. If you forget anything then it would be a big hassle for you to come back and get it once you’ve already moved in to your new place. And for sure, the movers won’t be making that trip either (unless of course if you pay them for a brand new project).
  • Check your utility meter readings
    You can even try to take a photo of it. This will be your assurance that you will be billed fairly for your previous electricity (gas or water) consumptions even after you’ve moved out.
  • Leave a note for your neighbours
    If your neighbours aren’t there during the move, leave a note of them and inform them about your move. If you can, text or call them. You may also leave a note for the new owners or tenants of your old house. Tell them that you have moved and indicate your new address and contact numbers. This way, they’ll be able to forward any mail that arrives for you.
  • Don’t keep things a secret
    Unless truly necessary, don’t make your relocation a secret. It’s always safer to keep a close friend or relative informed about your whereabouts so that if any emergencies occur, you are accounted for and they may be able to assist you. In relation to this, it’s also important to alert your bank and credit card companies about your change of address.
  • Keep your kids safe
    During moving day, a lot of heavy objects and lifting will happen therefore, it’s not safe for children to be running around your home. To ensure that they don’t cause or get involved in accidents, try to keep them in one room for the duration of the loading process. You can also let them stay in your neighbours home if you are close friends.
  • Keep your pets safe too
    The same idea goes for pets. You can’t leave your dog running around the house when strangers are coming in and out of the house. He might cause a commotion and even risk hurting the movers. Have your pets tied on a leash or kept in one room. You can also try asking your neighbors to babysit them for a while. Because we all know that our pets are like little children too.

Here are a few more things to remember during moving day:

  • Secure a copy of the Bill of Lading
    The Bill of Lading or BOL refers to the transportation contract between you and the moving company you hired. It is also the receipt for your goods. Make sure that before you sign it during moving day, you’ve reviewed every little details and have also reviewed the items to be transported.
  • Be kind to the moving crew
    You could be totally stressed during moving day but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to skip your manners and courtesy. Always treat your moving crew with dignity and respect. They are not your slaves for the day. It’s a good gesture to offer them some snacks or at least a cold beverage. If you treat them poorly, there’s a possibility that they might treat your things the same way.
  • Tip the movers
    Gratuity is not required in the moving industry but it is very much appreciated. Therefore, please feel free to give tips to your moving team if you feel that they did an excellent job. The amount really depends on your opinion and preference. On an average, people give $10 to $30 per crew member. Make sure to hand it over to the crew members personally because there are a lot of greedy supervisors who will pocket the tips for themselves.

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need is presence of mind and a determination to stay organized.

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