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Public Storage – a Great Solution for Your Needs

You’ve decided to change residences and have set up everything to follow schedule. Then surprise, surprise! Something comes up and you no longer have total control over your plans. Construction can get delayed. Landlords can get impatient. Space requirements may have been overlooked. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty normal to encounter a few “bumps along the road” when it comes to moving.

In cases like these, what do you do? What is your next best option? Public storage.

What is public storage?

With over 50,000 public storage facilities in the US, it’s safe to say that it’s already a part of life for most people. But what is it anyway?

To put it simply, public storage is a temporary facility where you can keep your goods. It’s like a motel for your possessions while your new place isn’t ready yet. It can also be a place to store your things while they await further transportation.


Self-storage /public storage business offer a variety of sizes to their tenants. Some of the most common sizes include the 10’x5’which is about the size of a large walk-in closet, the 10’x10’ which is size of a regular bedroom, and the 10’x20’which is the size of a 1-car garage.

Storage units are often made of corrugated metal. They are usually windowless and can be locked by the renter. Each unit can be accessed via a roll-up metal door using either a key, a proximity card, or a biometric thumbprint. These measures will ensure that only the renter can have access to the contents of the leased unit.

Other reasons for getting public storage

There are many other reasons you may require this service. People who suddenly find themselves in between homes find it very handy. It’s a popular option for people who get divorced and live-in couples who decide to split up. Renters who become evicted with little notice and homeowners going through a house remodelling will also find great use in using public storage.

Using public storage

Facilities and units come in many different sizes. You’ll have to consider 1) How much stuff you’re going to put inside and 2) How much money you’re able to afford. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always opt to pack your things and stack them on top of one another- like you would inside a normal moving truck. Keep in mind though that the longer you keep them there, the more likely they are to move and shift. You have to secure your items snugly, but even then, you still have to limit your use or else your items will deteriorate.

Speaking of deterioration, you also have to consider facilities that offer climate control. This is very important for places that suffer from extreme weather conditions. Climate controlled facilities will cost you extra but it’s a good investment for storing valuable items and important documents.

Lastly, make sure that the company you choose has an effective security system. If you’re supposed to provide your own lock on your unit, invest in a good, sturdy lock for added protection.

How much will it cost

One of the most important things to remember is that if you hire full service moving companies then there is a good chance that they offer free storage for their clients. Big companies who own their own warehouses often offer up to 30 days of free storage facilities. However, extensions will of course cost you money.

The cost of storage will depend on how much stuff you put in. Temporary units can cost you around $1.10 per 1000 pounds per day. And then there are also warehouse handling fees, they can cost around 30 dollars per 1000 pounds or more.

You can also look for public storage facilities that charge on a per month basis. The prices differ however depending on the location and special characteristics of the unit. Here are a few sample costs:

Storage Facility in Ohio

  • A small 5’x5’ unit, one floor = $30/month
  • A medium 10’x10’unit, 1 floor = $83/month

Storage Facility in New York

  • A medium 7’x10’, climate controlled unit with upstairs access via elevator = $151/month
  • A medium-sized 10’x10’, climate controlled unit with upstairs access via elevator = $229/month

In addition to this, you can also get a $1-moving in fee, and a one-time administrative fee of about $22.

The entire process of renting storage is full of surprises, fees and challenges. Your best bet to get through it unscathed is to be armed with sufficient knowledge and sound preparation.

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