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Services in Your New Neighborhood

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img June 30, 2016
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Services make life easier and more comfortable

Have you already relocated to a new place or are you still in the process of preparation? Either way, there’s one very important task that you have to do before AND after your move – looking for services. By services, we’re talking about the different providers and establishments that offer you a valuable and necessary commodity or expertise that’s essential to your day-to-day life. Now that you’re moving to a new place, it’s essential to find new service providers that will make you and your family’s life more comfortable. To give you a more accurate idea, here’s a basic list of the services that you’ll have to look for in your new community.

Do your research about the following services:

  • School – If you have kids then this is one of the first things that you should look for. Find a school that’s within a good, accessible distance from your home. Public or private, the choice is yours, but do make sure that your child/children will get a good education there.  
  • Bank – Does your bank have a local branch in your new town? If so then you’re good to go. But if not, consider opening a new account with a local bank in your area. 
  • Water and Electricity – These are basic commodities that you should look into WAY BEFORE your actual move. Your new place should already have a good running water and electricity system before you move in. Ask your landlord about it if you’re a renter, otherwise, make sure to do the necessary arrangements.  
  • Cable Television – This is very essential for a lot of people. Get new subscriptions or transfer your old ones. 
  • Internet – Most cable TV providers offer internet services as a bundle. If not then you may want to look it up.  
  • Telephone and mobile services – Make sure to update or cancel your old ones, and subscribe to new plans if necessary. 
  • Doctor, Hospital, and Clinic – Don’t wait for emergencies to happen. You should have good medical contingency plans always at the ready. Gather addresses, key personnel and contact numbers. 
  • Veterinary – If you have pets. 
  • Supermarket – Where will you be purchasing your home and food supplies? Find the nearest supermarket and teach your entire household how to go there.
  • Pharmacy – For health concerns and medical errands.  
  • Church – You may also want to find out where you can attend a mass or service.
  • Barbershop and Salon – Okay, this may not be as vital as the other entries on the list, but hey, moving can be a stressful thing, so once everything’s settled, you owe yourself a day of pampering too!


The key is to do your research well before you actually need these services. Do some online research, ask your soon-to-be neighbours, take a tour around the town. Doing this ahead of time will spare you from a lot of confusion and headaches.

img June 30, 2016
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