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Staying Up to Date – “Direction” Magazine

What is Direction Magazine

The moving and storage industry is one of the most diverse and highly dynamic industries in the United States. With thousands of companies ranging from large conglomerates to backyard start-ups, and with clients coming from all walks of life, it is always evolving and ever-growing. This is why moving companies should always make sure to stay updated with the latest news, trends and innovations.

Thanks to AMSA’s Direction Magazine, it’s possible.

Direction Magazine is the bimonthly publication produced by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). The magazine includes regular columns by the industry’s most notable figures including Ken Simonson, chief economist for Associated General Contractors of America and former VP and chief economist for the American Transportation Associations, and Sean Kilcarr, senior editor at FleetOwner magazine and a veteran transportation journalist.  Direction subscribers can also look forward to contributions that offer everyday tips and tools on how to improve their executives’ management and communications skills.

Direction magazine is a great guide for movers on how to adapt to the changing economics that will surely impact their business.

Contents of each issue

Each issue of Direction magazine is packed with information that will keep you up to date and in-the-know. Here are some of its basic content:

  • From the President – Some inspirational and thought-provoking words from AMSA’s President and CEO
  • Industry News
    • State Line – News from within the United States
    • International Update – Updates from around the globe
  • Member News
    • Movers & Shakers – Stories that are making ripples in the moving industry
    • Members Doing Good – Profiles of successful companies and executives
    • Mover Profile – Feature story about AMSA Members
    • Supplier Profile – A profile of a moving and storage supplier
  • Washington Watch
    • Legislative & Regulatory Affairs – Updates about the latest bills and legislations concerning the industry
    • On the Hill – Latest news from Capitol Hill
  • In my experience – Interesting and newsworthy moves

The benefits of staying up to date

The more aware you are of what’s happening around you, the bigger chances of improving yourself. How will you know what technologies and innovations to use, if you have no idea that they even exist? If you don’t know the latest legislations concerning your business, how can you follow them?

Reading Direction Magazine should be part of the regular schedule of any moving executive.

For more information about Direction, and to view their latest issues online visit

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