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Tips for Moving a Hot Tub

So you want to bring your hot tub with you?

It’s easy to imagine packing and moving your chairs, tables and cabinets. You already know how that’s going to happen. But when it comes to bringing your hot tub with you, it’s a bit harder to think about. While it is true that this can be tedious work, don’t worry because with some preparation and the help of a few friends, you’ll soon be enjoying its bubbles in the comforts of your new home.



The first thing to remember is that a hot tub can either be electric or gas-powered. With that in mind, you should start by cleaning your hot tub and draining all of its contents. The drain cap should be tightly secured so it doesn’t fall off later. Make sure that the tub is dry and unplugged from the outlet. Secure all electric and gas connections from the tub. After doing so, arrange the cords and store them inside the hidden compartment in the tub. Having them tangle during transport is very inconvenient and dangerous. Next, check the motor and ensure that it’s intact.

The moving process

You will need at least four people to lift the hot tub. Carefully roll the tub on its side and onto a couple of furniture dollies. You can also use a big appliance dolly but make sure that the tub is secured with dolly straps. In any case, you need one person to handle each dolly and a couple more to secure the tub and make sure that it remains steady. Ensure that its path is free from any obstacles- big or small.

Next you will be needing ramps. Use them to put the hot tub onto a flat bed trailer. You can also rent a truck with a lift gate. Once inside the vehicle, tip the tub onto its upright position then proceed to securing it inside the trailer. Don’t forget to bring the hot tub’s lid! Secure it separately inside the truck.

Once you arrive at your destination, just reverse the process.

To hire or not to hire

So you see, transporting a hot tub is no walk in the park. If you don’t have the manpower to do this, or if you just don’t want to waste your energy on the task, you’d be better off hiring professionals to do it for you. Take note that if you’ve already hired a company for your house relocation, bringing a hot tub with you will cost you extra because it’s considered a bulky item that requires additional preparation.


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