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Top 10 US Destinations

Moving is a part of life. Most people will change addresses at least two to three times in their lifetime. They may transfer for college, for work, or for family reasons. Each one has their own story to tell. But the question is, where are they going? Long distance movers study the migration patterns of people and know where people are most flocking to.


Here is a list of the most popular destinations for people in America:

1. Washington D.C. – Being a center of politics, business and education, there’s no wondering why the nation’s capital continues to be the top destination for people.

2. CaliforniaWith its eclectic mix of lifestyle, culture and commerce, California is still one of the most popular destination-states in the country.


3. Oregon In recent years, Oregon has seen rapid growth in job growth and a steady rise in education. This is why a lot of people are choosing to live here.


4. ArkansasWith an inbound rate of 57% in the last year, Arkansas is growing to become one of the top locations to live in the US.


5. NevadaNevada has been one of the fastest-growing states over the last two decades. Here’s two words to explain this: Las Vegas.


6. IdahoThis mountainous state is also seeing an increase in long distance moving over the recent years. Its growing agriculture is continually seeing growth and its other natural industries are doing good as well.


7. ColoradoAccording to several industry news , Denver, Colorado is a popular destination for new residents. The bustling city is one successful metropolis that’s seeing a yearly growth in home prices. The Rocky Mountains and the great scenery is also one of its main attractions.


8. GeorgiaAtlanta, Georgia is one of the best places to live right now. The city is experiencing a huge population boom and this southern haven is the becoming more and more popular with young professionals looking for a sunny urban capital that’s not too expensive to live in. The cost of living here is very reasonable and the economy is alive and well.


9. TexasIs it because of the cowboys? Or maybe because of the huge meal portions? No matter what it is, people are flocking Texas in terms of relocation. In 2009, the state saw a whopping 55.4% inbound rate.


10. Hawaii – Many people visit the islands of Hawaii to have fun and take a vacation but what you may not know is that a lot of people are also choosing to stay. The beauty of the islands are simply too irresistible and many people are purchasing homes here for their retirement.



The US is no stranger to long distance relocation. Its population is always on the go, searching for better employment opportunities and better living conditions. Just make sure to hire professionals who know what they’re doing so your transfer will be easy and hassle-free.

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