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What to do if BBB tagged you

BBB Scores

The BBB or Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted organizations in terms of service reviews and business accreditation. Customers turn to BBB when in doubt about a company’s credibility and history. A good BBB rating will mean plus points to prospective clients and a bad score will mean loss of potential income.

That’s why both local and international moving companies strive for A ratings from BBB.


Customer Complaints

Consumers who are not too happy with the service that they have gotten can file complaints with BBB. These can range from the simplest to the most complicated of cases. An angry customer may not have liked how you wrapped their furniture, how you failed to deliver on time, changed in the costing, or simply the manner on how your movers asked for tips. Some of these may seem trivial, and at times companies have good reason for their actions, but agitated customers are just that – agitated. So to get back at you, they may decide to file a complaint with the BBB.

Getting tagged with a bad score

Getting tagged by BBB can have serious implications on your business. A prospective client who is researching for a provider in the area can stumble on your BBB profile, see your bad score, focus on the complaint history and opt to find another company. You won’t even get a chance to tell the customer your side of the story. They’ll just skip you altogether.

Settle misunderstandings

Everything starts small. Nasty complaints usually root from simple misunderstandings. In order to avoid being tagged by the BBB, settle all misunderstandings as quickly as possible. If a customer asks you about why the pricing changed, explain it to them clearly. If a client is unhappy with the service they got, give them some form of compensation for the damage. Unfortunately, there are clients go to the BBB right away without confronting you first.

So when you get tagged with the complaint, what do you do? SOLVE IT. Don’t just shove it aside. Settle the misunderstanding and do whatever it takes to clean your reputation.

Coordinate with the BBB

Some companies accuse the BBB of being biased and profit-centric. They argue that as long as you register yourself with the BBB and pay the membership fees, you will be able to get a good score. Some critics even say that you can buy your way back into good BBB standing.

Our advice is this. To be on the safe side, make sure that you are a registered member of the BBB. If you need to pay membership fees then do so. It’s only a small amount when compared to all of the profit that you can lose thanks to a bad BBB score. Just think of your company’s best interest.

The bottom line is this. People trust the Better Business Bureaus. They honor the BBB seal and the scores that they give out to companies. You, being from an industry that’s service oriented and client-based, it’s your responsibility to always take care of your company’s image present it in the best light possible. So keep your BBB score squeaky clean no matter what and AVOID being tagged.

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