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What to Look for in a Moving Quote

Moving quotes are your first glimpse into a moving company and their services. This is where they will outline what they can do for you based on the initial information that they have gotten from you. This initial information should include your planned date, your estimation of how much you own or how big your current house is (rough estimations can be done based on room number and size), as well as mention of any large furniture items you have.

Moving quotes are basically the proposals prepared by moving companies who are keen on getting your approval. So before you sign and agree on anything, you should carefully review it first and look for the following details:


  • Binding Estimate – A binding estimate includes a fixed-price that you agree to pay the mover. This is agreed upon prior to transport. It guarantees the consumer that the total cost of the move will not go above the declared estimate. Of course it also means that it won’t go down either. A slight disadvantage would be that binding estimates are often slightly higher than non-binding estimates. However, it assures the client that the price will stay put and not get blown up under any circumstances.
  • Non-Binding Estimate – A non-binding estimate is also presented before the actual move. It should detail down the services, coverage and cost of the most. The only difference is that the cost is not binding or not fixed. Changes can occur on the final price based on the measurements done on the ACTUAL moving day. This could be beneficial for people who want to lessen their cost after the initial measurement by lessening their possessions, but it can also backfire if you get faced with a scam mover who will jack up the prices during moving day.
  • Rates Based on What Measurement – There are basically two types of measurement which will determine the cost of your shipment. These are:
    • Pounds – Most companies rely on the weight of the goods as well as the distance of the travel when determining the price of their services.
    • Cubic Feet – While very uncommon, other companies use cubic feet dimensions (measurement of capacity or volume) when calculating for the price. This is determined by multiplying the height, width and length of the shipment.
  • Additional Services or Charges – When reviewing moving quotes, make sure to check for additional services or charges which may not necessarily be included in the initial cost. Here are some of the most common:
    • Packing Service Fee – For assistance with packing
    • Packing Materials – Includes tape, boxes, peanuts, etc.
    • Flight Charges – For when movers need to go up and down a flight of stairs
    • Long Carry Charges – If movers need to walk far just to get to their vehicle (in case you don’t have a driveway)
    • Shuttle Fees – For areas where the big trucks can’t access and they need to use a shuttle/or smaller truck for transfer
    • Removal and Packing for Special Items – Such as delicate artwork, large appliances like a hot tub, pianos, etc.
  • Insurance Offerings – If you’re a big fan of safety and security, you can look if the company offers insurance coverage for your things. This will protect you in case of accidents, loss or damage. The price of coverage is usually based on how much stuff will be transported and protected. This can cost as low as $0.60 per lb. per item or higher depending on the company.

Sample Computations

For your reference, here are some sample computations for costing:

Moving from Adelanto, California to Buffalo, New York (SMALL HOUSE)
Estimated Distance:  2,866 miles
Estimated Weight:  4,000 pounds (1 bedroom apartment, 800 sq.feet)
Estimated Cost:  

$4,500 – $5,000


Moving from Adelanto, California to Buffalo, New York (BIG HOUSE)
Estimated Distance:  2,866 miles (same distance, different weight)
Estimated Weight:  11,000 pounds (2 bedroom house, 4000 sq ft)

Estimated Cost:


$10,600 – $11,600

Always Get Quality Moving Quotes

To be sure that your move will be handled by a capable company who will handle your household items with care, it’s essential to get good quality moving quotes. It’s also highly advisable to get more than just one. Doing so will give you the opportunity to carefully review each proposal and compare the corresponding services and charges included in their packages. Your best bet is to get around 3-5 unique quotations from different moving companies.

Now you’re probably wondering how you can do that. It’s simple! You’re already in the right place. Here at Top Mover Quotes we specialize in connecting people like you to the movers who are perfect for the job. All you need to do is tell us the details of your move and we will do the rest. In just minutes we can find the best matches based on your specifications. And in no time at all, you’ll be receiving top-quality quotations from some of the most highly respected movers in the industry. Starting your move is just a few clicks away.

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